Austrian citizens need a visa to enter Australia.

We can obtain all kinds of visas to Australia for you.

1.​ Visa up to 3 months (ETA visa for tourism and business, visitor visa subclass 651)

2.​ Tourist visa up to 6 months (visitor / tourist visa subclass 600)

3.​ Work visa up to 3 months (max. 6 weeks of stay, subclass 400)

4.​ Student visa up to 12 months (subclass 500)

Other kinds of visa also available.

Please contact us by e-mail or phone to discuss the right visa for you. We can be reached at any moment at +43 720 881 370.


1.​ ETA visa (for stays up to 3 months):

In order to apply for an ETA visa, you must have a passport of one of the following countries:

Andorra Ireland Netherlands Slovakia
Belgium Iceland Norway Slovenia
Denmark Italy Austria Spain
Germany Latvia Portugal Czech Republic
Estonia Liechtenstein Romania Hungary
Finland Lithuania San Marino Vatican City
France Luxemburg Sweden Cyprus
Greece Malta Switzerland
Great Brittain Monaco Singapore

The ETA visa can be used for both tourist and business purposes.

We are happy to arrange your ETA visa for Australia:

Please send an e-mail to with the following information:

-​ Copy of passport

-​ Planned flight date

-​ Address

The visa costs EUR 36.- gross and will be issued to you by e-mail within one day. An ETA admission to Australia is valid for 1 year from the issuance and enables multiple entries (per entry max. 90 days of stay).


2.​ Tourist visa (for stays up to 6 months):

If you are not a citizen of one of the countries mentioned above or if you stay longer than 3 months in the country, you need a tourist visa.

To obtain this visa for you, we need the following documents by e-mail:

-​ Copy of passport

-​ Completed and signed application form 1419

-​ Completed additional form 1221 (only for those WITHOUT EU passport)

-​ Flight reservations (if available)

-​ Proof of financial resources (bank statements of last three months)

The visa costs EUR 120.- plus our fee of EUR 60.- gross. The issuance will take around 2-4 weeks, but in emergencies the visa can also be organized within 3-5 days.


3.​ Work visa (temporary work visa)

A work visa is issued for short stays of highly qualified professionals. It is valid for 3 months and the max. duration of stay is 6 weeks.

To obtain a work visa for Australia, we need the following documents by mail from you:

-​ Copy of passport

-​ Completed and signed application form 1400

-​ Passport photo 35 x 45 mm

-​ Employment contract between the sending firm and the applicant

-​ Transfer letter from Austrian firm

-​ Invitation letter from Australian firm

-​ Extract from commercial register of Austrian firm

Note: the consulate can request further documents. We will inform you when this is the case.

Prices and issuance can vary. Please contact us for more information.


4.​ Student visa (for stays up to 6 months):

A student visa is necessary if you have booked a language course that lasts longer than 12 weeks (otherwise a tourist visa is enough).

In order to arrange a student visa to Australia for you, we need the following documents from you by mail:

-​ Copy of passport

-​ Completed and signed application form 157A

-​ Completed additional form 956 (only numbers 14 & 24)

-​ Completed additional form 1193

-​ Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE; which you will receive from language school)

-​ Flight reservations (if available)

-​ Stamped return envelop or EUR 5.- in cash

The visa will be organized through our Swiss office, costs CHF 735.- plus our fee of CHF 80.-. The issuance takes around 2-4 weeks, in emergencies the visa can also be organized within 3-5 days.

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