Who we are


shutterstock_130105319We are an accredited visa service that is authorised to obtain visas for third parties from the responsible embassies and consulates.

Organising a visa can be complicated and can take a lot of energy. We are happy to take over this work from you. We have been constantly able to expand our service due to our wide experience and international clientele. In addition to obtaining the visa we offer you a complete service, as we can also help you with invitation letters, travel insurance, flights, hotels and airport transfers. Our in-house courier service can deliver your passport directly at the airport or at any requested address.

Quick, uncomplicated, competent, reliable and available 24/7. That’s us!


!(Almost) everything is possible!
Did you just find out you need a visa for your upcoming trip? Or do you have a visa-related problem that seems unsolvable? We cannot make any promises, but we have often made the impossible possible thanks to our network. Call us at any time – we are happy to help you!

!Customised solutions
Is your firm looking for a competent visa partner? Do you need various visas with single entrance for your trip around the world? Is the multiannual visa right for you? By working together with you we can draw up an individual offer. It is quick, simple, secure and at a favourable price.

!Fast as the wind!
Sometimes you need someone that can arrange a visa at the very last moment. We have no problem with this. If necessary, our express courier delivers your passport directly at the airport or at any requested address. And off you go!

!Expert and well connected
You can rely on our wide experience in this field. We are not just in Austria the right contact for you, but we also have offices in Bern, Dublin, London and Toronto.